Monday, June 19, 2017

WordPress: How to embed a Google Form in WordPress

The first question arises that why we need Google Forms since we have already WPForms in WordPress?

The reasons are:

  • To share a form on different websites, email lists in different platforms and store in same location like Google Drive.
  • Easy to share, mobile friendly
  • Flavour of Cloud Computing via Google product

Download complete source code here

Lets begin how to embed a Google Form in WordPress

Step 1> Visit to Google Forms 

Step 2> Pick up anyone of Google Forms.

Step 3> After choosing your required form, click on send button

Step 4> Click on "Copy" link to copy the embed code. Then paste that code in your Wordpress's new post.
Step 5> After complete to edit on your page, press on Publish button of your Wordpress Admin Panel. Finally, you will get the page like below (Sample).

Step 6> Done! If you have any confusion, please comment here.